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FYI: If you have freckles or dots in your eyes READ THIS! 3
By Lucille Jodoin on
I love the look these lenses give, although I had a hard time putting them In, after letting them soak overnight in solution it's like they softened up and were easier to put in. I finally got the hang of it after 4 hours or relentless trying haha. Although the contact I put in my left eye didn't seem to fit properly, I switched them and put them inside and out and still didn't fit (just in my left eye.) It would bulge out in the corner of my eyes and I would have to slide it back in place but as soon as I blinked it would return to bulging. I think it is because contacts center themselves around your pupil and right beside my pupil I have a dot or freckle and it seemed as if it was centering on that which made if extremely hard for me to see. my eyes were watering the whole night (I assume it was because the contact was uncomfortable and didn't fit properly) I did love havin them in besides the uncomfortableness, tearing, vision problems. Just an FYI if you have dots or freckles in your eyes you may have a problem with them fitting. All together it made my costume look awesome!
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